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The Advantages of a Hot Air Balloon for Advertising

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If you own a company or you’re the head of an organization, you are always looking for ways to advertise and promote your business, organization, products, services, message, image or to promote an individual. You want everyone to know your company brand and associate that with excellence. But how do you advertise and promote to get a return on your investment?

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Let’s start with these:

1. High Visibility- a hot air balloon can be seen much farther than any billboard. A sunrise hot air balloon flight with your company’s brand takes off before that rush hour traffic hits, while people are in their neighbourhoods, out in the streets or at special events and all they will see is a larger then life hot air balloon flying high above for everyone to see.

2. Flexibility – we can customize hot air balloons to best represent your company or organization. It is more than just changing the color of the balloon and adding your company or organization’s name. We can even customize the shape of the balloon. We can work with you to get you the best looking and sharpest look for your organization into the sky.

3. Branding – people will see the hot air balloon and your company brand will become etched in their minds forever. Your company’s name and logo will be associated with your theme and message. 

4. Versatility– you have many options for advertising and branding. You can choose a hot air balloon and have the balloon travel or have a tethered balloon at a special event. Tethering a balloon allows you to keep the balloon in one spot without flying away. The balloon would just go up and down so you can switch passengers every few minutes over a 2 hour period. or plan for a adventure flight over the people below. 

5. Excitement/Buzz- when have you ever seen someone run up to a billboard to take a picture with it? Have you seen anyone chase down your magazine ad? We see it all the time with our hot air balloons. People literally chase down your balloon to see what name is on it. That is the kind of attention every company or organization wants to create attention and exposure to the public. With everyone having cell phone cameras along with social media websites. The amount of exposure would be priceless. You can’t put a price tag on free exposure and having people talk about an amazing experience.

6. No Competition- your organization’s name isn’t going to get lost in a sea of other names and numbers in the yellow pages and you wouldn’t need to worry where your organization’s name will fall in a website’s search engine. Your organization will be the only name in the flying in sky grabbing everyone’s attention.

Using Columbus Aeronauts for your custom made hot air balloon source is not only a creative way to advertise and promote your name and organization, but has a great priceless return on your investment. We like to keep it simple and easy for you and will walk you through the entire process.

7. Impressing Associates and employees - Want can be a better way to impress someone, then to offer them a hot air balloon flight? Using your hot air balloon adverture is a great way to show a business associate, family member or a client, that they matter to you a lot and would show them your appreciation of their help, dedication, loyalty or their friendship. It would be a great photo opportunity too for everyone that is in the balloon basket prior to the balloon taking off. Everyone surrounding the balloon would see them and would be amazed once they take off into the sky. The flight could easily generate hundreds and hundreds of photos before, during and after the flight. Once the balloon lands in some field, there will be a toast of champagne for everyone and a little ceremony for the passengers and friends. Each passenger of the balloon would receive nice certificate to show everyone that they flew in a balloon and would be signed by the Balloon Pilot. These certificates are great souvenirs that they can hold onto forever. From small and simple, to large and complex we can provide anything from banners to balloons with custom artwork or even balloons that are built into special shapes!

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  • Our new balloon is set up to have 2 larger then life banners attached to each side of the balloon. As it shows in the below diagram

  hot air balloon marketing banner

Hot air balloons provide a level of visibility that is both unique and memorable. Many companies sponsor balloons to fly at festivals and special events on a full time basis. Think of Remax Realty and you think of a balloon…

Over the years and around the World, many companies and organizations have purchased custom designed hot air balloons and placed large advertising banners on them. Hot air balloons have proven to be a great way to advertise a companies name. In fact, for the visibility, they are an unequaled value, especially now a days with social media and everyone having access to a smart phone camera 24/7. The pictures and videos people take of hot air balloons and posting it on the Social Media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat is absolutely priceless. You can put a price tag on that kind of marketing or networking. Many companies around the world sponsor hot air balloons to fly at festivals and special events on a full time basis. Think of Remax Realty and you think of a balloon with the Remax logo…



As Columbus and Central Ohio's population grows and expands, more and more companies will be looking for a unique was to really get a step up on their competition. What could leave a larger impression on the masses then seeing a hot air balloon flying over head or in the distance ? Print and Radio advertising isnt what it used to be. Billboards are the side of the road, doesnt really leave a lasting memory. So if you looking for something unique and larger then life. Aerial advertising with Columbus Aeronauts is your source to get your higher form of marketing and advertising campagne underway. The opportunity to get your company’s name out in such a unique way is not only limited in availability, it is exclusive in nature.

We currently offer several different advertising packages custom tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Please contact us to discuss what advertising option is best for you and your business.

We are also fully insured and can add your company or organization to our policy if requested.

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