Columbus Aeronauts

Event Planning

A hot air balloon tether or special flight will make any corporate event more enjoyable!

Have a large group that you want to provide a unique experience for? or planning to launch a larger then life marketing & promotional campaign for your company or for a new product ?

Tether rides are a great way to get everyone involved and let them all get in on the action, from 10 people to a few hundred, tether rides provide the opportunity for everyone to get a taste of what its like to fly in a balloon in a controlled environment.  

A tether ride involves the balloon being secured via ropes to vehicles etc so that it can go up 50 to 100 feet

and come down in the same spot allowing for passengers to get in and get a short trip up, then another group to immediately follow. 

The hot air balloon can act as a larger then like billboard for everyone at your special event.  

Contact us anytime to discuss and help you develop an unusual alternative to the annual company picnic, or come up with a refreshing new twist for your corporate promotional event or convention.

Call us at (614) 699-1492 or Email us at to arrange for your company event with our brand new Columbus Aeronauts hot air balloon to add an extra large attraction and make it a memorable highlight of your activity or special event.