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"If you're going to go on a hot air balloon around in/around Columbus, look no further, Russ and his crew are amazing. They were professional and thorough during the entire process and Russ went out of his way to get plenty of pictures and videos during our flight. I actually proposed to my girlfriend on our flight and Russ even brought us champagne to enjoy after I popped the question. You won't regret booking through them, we'll definitely use Columbus Aeronauts again in the future!"

- Tom J.

"My husband and two year old daughter went on a private flight for his Father’s Day gift. Russ was great from the initial communication, rescheduling due to weather, and keeping us posted throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Columbus Aeronauts. We had a peaceful Saturday morning with Russ and his crew. It was awesome!"

- Aja D.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, this was an 11! Our hot air balloon experience was thrilling from start to finish. The crew is fun, funny, hard-working and professional. Russ is an extremely skilled and careful pilot. Very friendly, as was his dad, Tony, who drove the chase car. The experience was unforgettable !"

- Linda T.

"I wanted to do a hot air balloon ride since I was a kid. This was everything I wanted it to be and more! They made sure our safety was top priority, but also let us have a lot of fun helping, participating in hot air balloon rituals and taking some great photos! The crew was great. Could not have asked for a better experience !"

- Kelly K.

"Such an amazing time! Can't explain the feeling to anyone being up in the sky. Crew very nice and informative. My girlfriend and I went and we got to see a beautiful sunrise as well as go over Alum Creek. Love how they take pictures and do a video of the whole experience so you can always remember. If I could give them 6 stars I would! I highly recommend Columbus Aeronauts for anyone who wants the time of their life!"

- Max M.

"My boyfriend and I wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride for our 3 year anniversary so we got in touch with Russ at Columbus Aeronauts. We just went yesterday evening and it was so much fun! Russ and his crew were great... and not only that, but we got off the hot air balloon engaged! My now fiancé thought it was a great idea, and Russ took plenty of pictures during the occasion. I would highly recommend Columbus Aeronauts; if we went again we would definitely go with them again."


- Devon M.

My husband and I had a great experience on our first hot air balloon ride with Columbus Aeronauts! Russ and the crew were very friendly and professional. It was so neat to see the beauty of creation from the sky. We felt safe, and it was surprisingly peaceful instead of nerve-racking. Being a photo fanatic myself, I loved that Russ made sure to capture our experience with photos and video, which he promptly sent me. I would recommend that everyone needs to experience a hot air balloon ride and to do it with Columbus Aeronauts!

 - Ashley F.

"Amazing experience! Russ and his crew were fantastic!! We had perfect weather and a great flight. Cannot wait to fly with Columbus Aeronauts again!! If you're considering taking a hot air balloon ride, look them up, you won't be disappointed."

- Heidi C.

"What a fantastic experience! Highly recommended! Russ is very professional and a skilled pilot! Had an amazing early morning flight over Alum Creek lake. If you have never flown in a hot air balloon, you are missing out!"

- Greg T.

"My husband and I had such a great time. If you have never been on a hot air balloon ride I highly recommend it. I was nervous at first, but completely trusted the pilot 100%;)This was an early bday surprise that I will never forget. Thanks Bryan and Russ for making this happen."

- Asia L.

Taking a hot air balloon ride was something I always wanted to do. As I got older, it became a bucket list item that I honestly figured I would never achieve. It was a maybe someday bullet on the list that I really put no effort into making a reality perhaps because I am afraid of heights or better stated, I am afraid of gravity and the theory that what goes up will come back down but then I met Russ and I started looking at the pictures on his website and reading the stories of the folks that had made their maybe someday bullets a reality.

Booking a flight was incredibly easy. Russ very patiently answered all of my questions and explained everything that goes into a safe and successful flight. He also calmed my nerves by talking about his family history of flying balloons and the pride he has in his business. Russ puts forth that extra effort to make his clients feel special and to create a very special and memorable experience for them during their flight.

Our flight was not only a bucket list item for me, it was a 17th birthday present for my son. My son loved Russ which says a great deal about Russ’ personality because a 17 year old boy is hard to impress. Russ took the time to show us the basket and the balloon before we went up. He also explained the clouds and the weather as well as the pre-flight preparations to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight before we left the ground.

Meeting Russ and discovering Columbus Aeronauts has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Russ not only helped me make a bucket list item come true, he helped me make my son’s birthday a very memorable event and I have some of the most incredible pictures and video of our trip so I will always remember what a great day flying over our beautiful state in a was balloon like. I don’t know any other hot air balloon pilots but I am fine with that because I know Russ and he made my dream come true.

"I honestly can’t find the words to show my appreciation for Russ and Columbus Aeronauts and the memories we made on our flight. Russ is a wonderful pilot and a great person. Our flight with Columbus Aeronauts was better than I could have dreamed possible. I can’t wait to go back up for another flight!"

- Angie H. 

"I had an amazing experience in the Hot air balloon with pilot Russ. This was a perfect date night experience and I enjoyed watching the sunset over the beautiful fields of Ohio. I highly recommend this experience with Aeronauts."

- Nicole G.

"We wanted to give our daughter something memorable for her graduation from OSU. She and her brother went up with Russ and it was more exciting and memorable than they could have imagined! Russ is a top rate pilot who really knows what he is doing and his equipment is top of the line! He made it really fun for them as well! This is something everybody should do! Treat yourself or someone you know! No way you could do any better than a flight with Russ!"

- Mindy C.

"The best activity I could have imagined for a surprise to my husband is a balloon flight and Russ and his team made it a memorable one . The list is long , he helped us find the perfect baby sitter for my daughter , gave the perfect day and sunset view for the tour , made an enjoyable ride in the air , captured the perfect pictures n video for us and I hope I m not missing out anything . It was just mesmerizing . Highly recommended . Thank u Russ for the memories ."

- Sneha C.

Arranged a balloon ride for a friend and couldn't have been happier with the results. Russ and his staff are awesome, the pictures are breathtaking and the experience amazing. I am currently planning a trip for another friend (and when I'm done planning for others I will plan one for myself)."

- Steve M.

"I surprised my twins for their 16th birthday with their first hot air ballon ride. My son " I will never forget this mom... Thank You" Columbus Aeronautics staff were great to share this experience with us. The ballon ride was so relaxing educational and adventurous all at the same time. Thank you Russ and staff!!!"

- Tammy M.

"I would highly recommend Columbus Aeronauts! The crew and pilot were extremely nice and informational! My sister and I had a blast, and it was an unforgettable moment! I would highly recommend checking them out for a fun and unique experience :)"

- Hope D.

"The Oakley is a beautiful balloon, Russ and crew are great and the entire experience amazing."

- Erica B.




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