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Balloon flight over water where photo is taken from ground level looking up at a beautiful sky.

Columbus Aeronauts wants your hot air balloon experience to be something you'll remember for a lifetime and to share your experience with all of your friends and families. As a company and as a promoter for the sport of hot air ballooning. Safety is and always will be our number one priority and Columbus Aeronaut pilots always make sure we are on the conservative side of deciding to fly or not fly. We are a fair weather operation 365 days a year. 

Columbus Aeronauts


Columbus Aeronauts specializes in scenic hot air balloon passenger flights, private charter flights, tethered balloon promotions and events. We also specialize in working with you to design and order a uniquely custom hot air balloon for your own personal use or for any company or organization that interested in getting a step up on its competition. Columbus Aeronauts will then begin an effective and memorable hot air balloon marketing and advertising promotional campaign to get the biggest impact for your investment.

With our resources we have the ability to set up a promotional tour, Locally, Regionally, Nationally or Internationally.

Our Passenger Flights take place around Central Ohio in the following cities based on what the wind direction is on the day of your scheduled flight:


We are also willing to come to your hometown for a scenic hot air balloon flight. But there is an additional charge based on the distance to your location, outside of the Central Ohio area.



Russ is a certified FAA commerical pilot and instructor with a Class 2 Medical Certificate. Russ grew up around balloons since he was 4 years old with his uncle being a pilot over in the Netherlands and eventually became a pilot in 2003. Since then he has flown in Mexico, Canada, United States, Europe and Saudi Arabia. He also flies large 16 passenger balloons in Temecula, California during the winter seasons. Russ enjoys seeing passengers experience hot air ballooning for the first time and enjoys teaching student pilots the sport of hot air ballooning.


Trent is a certified FAA commercial pilot and instructor with a class 2 medical certificate. Trent grew up in Central Ohio and has been a hot air balloon pilot since 1994. He has almost 30 years of experince in flying regular shape balloons and special shape balloons like the famous Darth Vader and Yoda balloons. His favorite part of ballooning is taking people up for their very first time.  


Debbie is a certified FAA commercial pilot and instructor with a class 2 medical certificate. She came to Ohio State from Northeast Ohio and never left. She has flown balloons since 1994. Ballooning has been a family affair, and she still flies her Dad's balloon. Debbie feels closer to her Dad while sharing her love of the sport with others.


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