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Corporate & Private Events

Looking for a unique attraction for your outdoor event, corporate party or non profit function? A hot air balloon is perfect for attracting people of all ages. We can bring our balloon to your event and setup a tether system that will allow us to give people rides up to 100 feet off the ground! By keeping the balloon stationary, we can safely take your event guests up for a few minutes in the sky. In as little as two hours our balloon can take over 70 people to a unique view above the party! A hot air balloon is also a highly effective advertising space, providing an unequaled level of visibility for your corporate logo or banner. With a hot air balloon above your event, grand opening or a non profit fundraiser, you will have a advertisement that people are sure to see. Hot air balloons require approximately 200 x 200 feet of open space for a tether system. If you are unsure if your location will work , please contact us with an address so we can evaluate the area.Tethered balloon rides are very hard on the balloons and require several crew members to safely conduct operations.


BALLOON TEATHERS: What is a tethered balloon ride?

Columbus Aeronauts offers tethered balloon rides that lift passengers in an inflated hot air balloon to a low altitude in a fixed location using ropes secured to the ground.

Do you have a large group that you want to provide a unique experience for?  

Tether rides are a great way to get everyone involved and let them all get in on the action, from 10 people to a few hundred, tether rides provide the opportunity for everyone to get a ride.  

A tether ride involves the balloon being secured via ropes to vehicles etc so that it can go up 50 to 100 feet

and come down in the same spot allowing for passengers to get in and get a short trip up, then another group to immediately follow.  

Balloon Glows: What is a balloon glow?

Balloon glows display tethered hot air balloons at night. When illuminated by propane burners, the balloon creates light displays and spectacular effects in the night sky.




With our Columbus Aeronauts Hot Air Balloons. We can also have the ability to create and attach up to four SUPER LARGE 20ft x 30ft BANNERS with your company or organization's logo on each side of the balloon for Huge visability to everyone attending your special event.

Please call the Columbus Aeronauts office at (614) 699-1492 or email

and make hot air balloon tethers and balloon glows an exciting part of your group event.