Columbus Aeronauts

Custom Balloons


 Anything you can pretty much imagine, can be engineered and built into a air worthy hot air balloon. Throughout the World there are so many different kinds of Special Shapes and Multi Color and styles of the traditional balloon.

There are various ways to maximizing your hot air balloon:
- festivals
- teathered flights
- advertising flights
- vip client or employee flights
- non profit fundraisers

custom designed hot air balloon ohio

Media Exposure and Promotional Material

  • Media
  • Camera phones & social media
  • Press releases to all news outlets
  • Promotional tours (local, state, regional, national and international)
  • Advertisements to brand your company using your balloon
  • Merchandise using Hot Air Balloon Pins, stickers, posters, Flyers, Tshirts etc...

Once you have an idea in mind for your balloon. Columbus Aeronauts and Cameron Balloons will work with you to help develope, design and build your custom designed hot air balloon.

Columbus Aeronauts and Cameron Balloons