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Group Packages

# of Passengers Regular Flight Private Flight 
1 Passenger



2 Passengers 

$650 $800
3 Passengers


4 Passengers


GROUP FLIGHTS of 4 or More We can arrange multiple Balloons  
  • Depending on the status of Covid 19 Virus in the new year and how you personally feel about flying in the balloon basket with other people. You will have your choice between a REGULAR Flight and a PRIVATE Flight. On the REGULAR Flight, you will be grouped with 1 or 2 other passengers. On the PRIVATE Flight, it will be just you and your group. With no one else in the basket during the balloon flight.  
  • With each flight package, passengers will receive tons of photographs from the chase crew on the ground and several photos from the pilot in the air. By the end of your balloon adventure you will have more than enough photos to share with family and friends for years to come about your hot air balloon adventure with us.
  • With the Private Exclusive Balloon Adventure Flight for 2 passengers, a nice bottle of Champaign will be included with the option of having Orange Juice for Yummy early morning Mimosas. 

Every Passenger will recieve one of our Columbus Aeronauts Flight Certificates as a souvenir.

balloon flight certificate



For an extra $150, Columbus Aeronauts will complile all of the photos and videos from your flight to create a special music video for you to share your hot air balloon adventure with all of your friends and family. Most of all for you to remember the special ballooning experience for many years to come.  

Below is an example of what we can do for you, if you're interested in capturing this special surreal experience on film.



Cost for Tether Balloon Event:

$1850.00 for the first two hours


$600.00 for each additional hour with a two hour minimum. The two hour minimum is charged if the balloon is “stood up” regardless of total time tethered afterwards.                                  

 We charge a $250.00 show up fee that will be deducted from the first two hours. This fee is paid unless the pilot or customer cancels prior to driving to the location.           

For more information or to make a Reservation, email us at

or give us a call at (614) 699-1492