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DESCRIPTION - A tethered hot air balloon ride can make a corporate or private party an unforgettable spectacular event.  A tethered hot air balloon promotions provides short rides for a larger number of persons that could not be accomplished with a standard balloon ride.  Hot air balloon tethering is accomplished by attaching the balloon to the ground at four tie-off points with high tensile strength rope and equipment, so that it can lift to a predetermined height of up to 100’.  The actual lift height is controlled by location, weather, number of participants, and any other conditions as determined by the pilot. 

LIMITATIONS - We do our best to provide a safe and enjoyable event for all participants.  Due to the limitations (weather, temperature, etc.) of hot air balloons, we cannot guarantee any event will happen on the date scheduled.  We are happy to reserve a specific date for you; but due to weather concerns we cannot guarantee any date or time.  If we cannot fly on the date or time that you reserved, we will try to schedule another date of your choosing.
The event starts at the point the balloon comes out of the bag.  The event will end when the pilot determines that it is unsafe to continue or if any of a number of things occur;

1) two hours have occurred from the time of the start of inflation;

2) weather becomes a problem;

3) we run out of fuel; or

4) there are no more participants. 

RESERVATIONS - We require a $250 non-refundable deposit/administration fee per balloon to make a confirmed reservation.

PRICING - Any pricing or special pricing quoted is only good for the flight year of the original reservation.  If any tethered flight (paid or not) has to be postponed or rescheduled for the next calendar year the price may increase.  Due to the nature of fuel costs, pricing is subject to change at any time until the tethered flight is paid in full for that flight year.  If weather or conditions are inappropriate on the day of your event we will do our best to contact the event coordinator to cancel before leaving for the event.  If the pilot shows up for the event, and the balloon is not inflated, there will be a mileage/travel charge and $50 as a non-refundable show-up fee. 100% of the total cost quoted is due if the balloon is unloaded from the vehicle and the balloon is removed from the bag on the date and time of the event.  Remember, there is no guarantee of total event time or number of participants that will be able to be lifted. *Please see Flight Decision.

CANCELLATIONS and REFUNDS -  Cancellations made up to 48 hours prior to the reserved date will be eligible for a total refund (less the $300.00 non-refundable deposit/administration fee). The deposit can be carried over if rescheduling is required due to weather.  Any refunds for cancellations will be made by check 4 to 6 weeks from the date of cancellation.

PAYMENTS - The total tethered flight event cost must be paid in full by the end of the event. Sales tax may not be included in the total price quote and must be added to cost of the event. Cash is required for payments made on the day of the event.

PASSENGER PARTICIPATION - Each participant must sign an Agreement to Participate / Waiver of Responsibility provided by COLUMBUS AERONAUTS LLC. before being allowed to participate

LOCATION - The event coordinator is responsible to provide an appropriate location.  The location must be at least 250’ by 250’.  It must be free of trees, towers, antennas, power lines and anything else that may damage the balloon or pose a safety risk.  We are happy to do a site inspection within 25 miles of downtown Columbus.  Any area outside of that zone may require a site inspection fee.  If a site inspection is waived by the event coordinator, and the location is not appropriate upon arrival, the $300 reservation fee will be forfeited, and the mileage/travel charge, per balloon will be due.

FLIGHT DECISIONCOLUMBUS AERONAUTS cannot not guarantee that any flight or event will occur on the date, time, or time allotment requested.  We want to make your hot-air balloon experience as pleasant as possible.  Weather conditions are a major determining factor to the safety of a tethered balloon event or flight.  The pilot, and only the pilot, will make the final decision as to event viability and whether the event has to be shortened due to conditions.  We are happy to reschedule to another date and time if your flight has to be canceled before the pilot leaves for the event. If the flight has to be postponed for the next calendar year the price may increase.

What is a tethered balloon ride?

What is a tethered balloon ride?
A tethered balloon ride is when the balloon is tied to the ground with three or four very strong ropes to keep the balloon from flying away. This allows us to lift and "fly" a large group of people of all ages at a specific location.

When can we tether?
We can do a tethered event year-round, weather permitting. We inflate only when the winds are around 5 mph or less. When the winds are any faster the balloon becomes difficult to control and can be quite unsafe. There cannot be any thunderstorm type activity within 50 miles of the tether location. The pilot will make all final weather determinations.

What time of day?
Just like a standard hot air balloon flight, the best time of day to fly is within 2 hours of sunrise or two hours of sunset. This is because winds should be at their calmest during these times. This is the same for tethered rides.

Where can we tether?
A hot air balloon tether requires a minimum area of at least a 250’ x 250’ space that is clear of debris, trees, light poles, bushes, and power lines. We will need four points to tie the balloon to the ground. These points can be large trees, some types of fence posts, and large vehicles. We always bring one large vehicle with us.

How much time is needed for a tether?
The average event is approximately 2 hours long. This time frame is limited by time of day, fuel capacity, and weather conditions. We do our best to do a complete 2 hour tether, but will shorten the event if conditions require.

How high will we fly?
Tethered flights usually fly between 25 feet and 100 feet. The exact height is determined by a number of factors including wind, terrain, location, anchor points, number of passengers, etc. The pilot will determine the exact height according to conditions at the time of the event.

How many people can ride in the balloon?
Two to four persons at a time can ride at a time depending on their combined weight. During a normal tethered balloon ride event each balloon should be able to lift between 50 and 75 persons an hour. If you will have more than 150 people at your event we can schedule a second balloon.

Who can fly?
Anyone of reasonable health and who can get in and out of the basket can participate. Each participant (or parent/guardian for those under 18 years of age) must sign an Agreement to Participate / Waiver of Responsibility for tethered ride passengers provided by Real Adventure Hot-Air Balloon Co. before being allowed to participate in the event. The pilot & crew always reserves the right to limit who or how many can get into the balloon basket.

Two to four persons can ride at a time in tethered balloon


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